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Prayer of Agreement From the Temple of Solomon

Live Broadcast through the Universal Living Faith Network

Prayer of Agreement from the Temple of Solomon on January 9th 2021 at 7 AM CST Live Broadcast on the Universal Living Faith Network

Bishops and pastors from 6 continents of the world will unite on the Altar of the Temple of Solomon in Brazil this Saturday and cry out to God for all the members of The Universal Church, the nations they represent, and most importantly for those who participated in the most recent Campaign of Israel.

Bishop Joshua will be there to represent and pray for the United States and have all the prayer requests from the US with him.

This prayer of agreement and message of faith will be broadcast on the live stream of Universal Living Faith Network (ULFN) this Saturday, January 9th, at 7am CST. We invite you and your family to join us in this prayer. God has promised to rescue and transform the lives of the lost, who seek Him with all their mind, soul and strength.

You may visit the ULFN 24/7 Live Stream tab either on the ULFN website or on any of its apps.

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