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Palm Sunday

Prepare for the Most Important Week in Human History

Palm Sunday

You are our special invite to come and participate in any Universal Church nearest to you for Holy Week. The Holy Week will begin from Palm Sunday, March 24, 2024, through Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024. 

Every day will be unique during Holy Week because we will be reliving the steps of the Lord Jesus. Take this opportunity to remember what He did for us in the most crucial week in human history (not just the year).

Palm Sunday:

In the Bible, inside the gospels (Matthew 21:1–11, Mark 11:1–10, Luke 19:28–44, and John 12:12–19).

When the Lord Jesus entered the city in a donkey, He fulfilled the prophecy made 4 centuries earlier by Zechariah:

“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King is coming to you; He is just and having salvation, Lowly and riding on a donkey, A colt, the foal of a donkey.” (Zechariah 9:9)

During biblical times, it was common for kings to make triumphal entries through the city. In other words, it was as if these people were receiving the Lord Jesus as King in their lives. Although Jesus did not come to be an “earthly king,” the Lord Jesus was, in the flesh, a descendant of King David (Matthew 1) and was begotten by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18). The Lord Jesus is a King on Earth and in Heaven.

On Friday of that week, He was crucified in the same place where He was received as King. Thus, the date became known as “ Good Friday ”.

However, the Lord Jesus already knew that this would happen. The sacrifice needed to occur because it was the only way to save us from hell. Since the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Someone would have to pay the price. Therefore, the Lord Jesus made an exchange: His life for ours. Afterwards, He was resurrected. 

Today, having won, he regained dominion over the entire universe. At the end of time, He will return on high to complete what He began there on the cross.