Self Help Conference

Cristiane Cardoso

If you haven’t heard about Godllywood-Self Help then prepare yourself for a challenge!  It addresses topics relevant to women, with the purpose of providing spiritual guidance, support to face daily struggles and to improve as a friend, daughter, mother, sister, or wife. Becoming a woman that loves and fears God. This group is exclusively for women where they are taught to understand the root of their problem and most importantly how to solve it. The process is no piece of cake, but definitely rewarding. Sometimes we need to really know ourselves, to see our lives the way God sees us, and to identify how we have allowed negative experiences to shape who we have become.


Society has its own unrealistic expectations and criteria of a “perfect” woman. As a result, many become frustrated, stressed, depressed, and overall overwhelmed with daily tasks and trials.

Don’t worry about your past, age, race, color, or culture. What matters is to take your spiritual life to the next level and choose to rewrite your own story. The Bible is full of women that we can use as a reference regardless of what type of life we have.

This conference is not for those who think they have nothing to improve; on the contrary, it is for those who want and need a fresh new start. Do you want to leave the past behind and make better and bolder decisions guided by the Word of God, then join us!

Conferences are every month and attendance is completely free and all are welcome

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