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Courtship Is a Short Period During Which Two People Decide Whether They Want to Marry and Are Compatible.


One of the craziest things that has happened in relationships is dating indefinitely. In the past, courtship was always a means, never an end.

Courtship is a short period during which two people decide whether they want to marry and are compatible. If they concluded they were incompatible, they would end in separation, but if they were compatible, they would get married. The process is short. When deciding whether it will end in marriage, there’s no way or why it should take so long.

Nowadays, we see couples as if they will live for a thousand years. The engagement is now the end, not the middle. They’ve been engaged for more than three, four, seven years. If you ask them where this relationship is going, they won’t have an answer.

That type of courtship will wear out. After a while, one person will feel pressured by their partner to take an attitude about the relationship’s future. The partner waiting for an action will eventually be frustrated by the lack of attitude. That will create constant arguments and arguments due to unmet expectations.

For Example:

Being a boyfriend is like diving into the sea. No matter how exciting the adventure is, there comes a point where you want to return to the mainland. Nobody goes underwater to stay and live there unless you are SpongeBob SquarePants.

The mainland is his starting point and also his arrival. You only leave it to sail when you know the destination and have a deadline to get to it. Sometimes, the fate will be marriage. Sometimes, it will be the conclusion that you will have to be single again. But the sea, the courtship, is never destiny.

Go into a relationship thinking about marriage if you want to avoid ending up in a deadlocked relationship. If you start without thinking about it, just because you like that person and want to have fun, when the time comes to decide the future of the relationship (whether you like it or not, that moment will come), you will be in trouble, not knowing what to do.

That’s why many dating ends incorrectly – with an unwanted pregnancy, with a marriage that should not happen, or with a traumatic term in which one suffers much more than the other and the two feel like idiots for having spent so much time in a relationship that it ended in nothing.