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Learn How to Have a Bullet-Proof Marriage


According to an article from Forbes, “In 2021, a total of 689,308 divorces occurred across the 45 U.S. states that reported this statistics. During that same year, 1,985,072 marriages occurred, making the U.S. marriage rate 6 per 1,000 people.”

Most people have heard that half of all marriages end in divorce, but why are so many marriages ending in separation? Read on to find out what is interfering with couples and what is leading many couples worldwide to opt for divorce.

  1. Prioritizing Individual Needs

Prioritizing personal needs at the expense of marital needs is a decision that leaves room for separation, creating many unpleasant situations and feelings of dissatisfaction in the relationships.

  1. Tolerating Negative Behaviors

Not confronting negative habits and actions also becomes a problem. The passivity of a spouse or the lack of communication between couples impacts the permanence of issues that directly influence marriage.

  1. Disrespecting Relationship Limits

Establishing personal limits is healthy for a relationship, but disrespecting them can cause numerous conflicts. Neglecting and belittling your spouse’s limits is the same as creating a disconnection. It implies the balance and harmony of marriage.

  1. External Stress

External problems such as the loss of a loved one, a chronic disease, and financial issues, among other adversities, can significantly influence the harmonious relationship of a marriage. Therefore, it is essential to develop mechanisms to deal with such difficulties. Check out some of the indicated ways:

  • Strengthen the marital bond by building a safe environment for an open dialogue;
  • Prioritize the development of quality activities and time together;
  • Encourage individual self-care.
  1. Uncertainties

When your partner has difficulties defining desires and needs, this can interfere with the connection present in marriage. With this, it is important to exercise patience and empathy to assist in self-reflection. In addition, expressing your desires and supporting your spouse is also important to deal with uncertainties.

Learn How to Have a Bullet-Proof Marriage:

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