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I Thought Addictions Could Solve My Problems…

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“Initially, I went to the club once a week, the bus as time went by, I started to go from Monday to Sunday, because I was only well in that state, drunk. This was due to depression and loneliness I felt. It was empty, very sad, and miserable. Adding that when she started drinking and smoking it seemed that all her problems disappear. “Everything was fine, but the next day, everything was fine, but the next day, everything was back.”

I Thought Addictions Could Solve My Problems...“Due to inner problems, I took refuge in addictions and found that none of this solved my situation, on the contrary, it made it even worse. Even the friends, I was still with them… I spent 10 years with that kind of life.”

She was invited to visit the Universal Church. Madalena did not accept immediately. At first she believed that the church was not a place for her.
“I wanted to live my life and continue as I was. Because, in my mind I thought I was doing fine. However, I change my mind and I decided to go. I went, I started participating in the chains of prayer and listing to the directions.

The first thing I did as soon as I left the Universal Church was to light a cigarette. I thought I could go to church, but continue to make my life normal, to the point of coming home and hearing a call from my husband, about how I went to church and continued to smoke.”

“there came a time when a word of faith that I received in the church touched me. I decided to obey the advice there, giving up tobacco and drinking. Thereafter, the situation began to change.
” Today I don’t feel the need to drink or  smoke. I don’t want to be around people who are doing negative things. I don’t need any of that! Today I have peace, joy, and the will to live. This was something special that was given to me by God Himself.”

The Universal Church
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