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Nearly Five Years Isolated in a Room

Nearly Five Years Isolated in a RoomFather and son were living captive to depression and addiction. The father was overwhelmed by his son’s situation and used alcohol to cope with his problems. His alcohol addiction lasted nearly 25 years. The son was locked up in a room for five years because of his severe depression. He would only leave his room to eat and drink. Due to his low self-esteem, he began to have suicidal thoughts. 

One day the son tried to commit suicide and was unable to. That is when he decided to watch the tv. Surfing through the channels, he came upon LFN. He said, “If I go to that church and nothing happens, I’ll just stay the same way.”

The son decided to come to The Universal Church and went to a Friday service of deliverance. He was delivered from depression which he had for five years, low self-esteem and no longer has suicidal thoughts. The son invited his father to attend, and the father also saw changes in his life. Now the father has stopped drinking alcohol and is happy. 

The father says, “I feel great and proud of my son, and through him, I found the church.” 

Today they are happy and filled with the presence of God. Jesus restored their lives and family. 

“Call upon Me on the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor Me.” (Psalm 50:15).