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“You Don’t Belong Here!”

Claudia Miranda's Story

“You Don’t Belong Here!”When Claudia’s sister passed away because of a brain aneurysm, Claudia developed depression. Unable to sleep at night, Claudia would go to the cemetery and drink alcohol due to her inability to bring back her sister. She felt as though she didn’t belong anywhere.

One day while Claudia was driving, she thought to close her eyes and kill herself. Initially, she listened and closed her eyes for a bit. Soon after, she returned to her senses and realized she was not okay.

On the outside, she was cracking jokes, smiling, partying, and drinking, but no one knew that on the inside, she was in pain. 

She sat on the steps while celebrating her birthday in a party bus. The thought came to her, saying, “What are you doing here? You don’t belong here!” From that moment, she decided to change.

The next day early morning, she returned to The Universal Church and was ready to do things differently with God. 

Later, a friend of Claudia, an assistant of The Universal Church, told her that night she prayed to God for her. The assistant told God, “If something needs to happen for Claudia to open her eyes, let it happen, but don’t let satan touch her soul.”

From that Sunday on, she kept coming. She went through her deliverance process and practiced everything the man of God was teaching. That was when things began to change.

Coming to church, she heard the importance of seeking the Holy Spirit. On a Sunday morning service, she received the Holy Spirit when seeking.  

“Today, I am a different person. I am a happy person. I don’t have to fake it to show people I am happy. I am happy, and people can see it!”

– Claudia