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Do you have ‘CORONASOMNIA’?

Help is At Hand

COVID-19’s widespread impact on sleep has been given the name “Coronasomnia.”

– Medscape

The pandemic is affecting the lives of many people in the world in several areas, such as social, economic and behavioral. Even when it comes to a specific moment in people’s routine, sleep. The number of cases of insomnia increased during this period.Do you have ‘CORONASOMNIA’?

This condition is an evil that affects thousands of people worldwide. Medical specialists in the subject receive more and more patients with the problem during this period. Among the main reasons are the concern with the pandemic and even the greatest number of hours in front of electronic devices. Insomnia, anxiety, depression, is a condition originating in the soul. This condition affects does who are afflicted and suffering with feelings of fear and sadness. Therefore, it is necessary that the person also seeks spiritual help.
If you are going through a similar situation or someone in your family, participate, today, in a meeting of faith and be free of everything that prevents your peace and that of your family.

The deliverance service takes place every Friday. In this meeting you will learn to fight all spiritual problems and will still be given strength to overcome all the adversities of life. End your pain. Seek total deliverance.

There is Hope for you. Come to one of our locations and receive spiritual counseling.

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