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Addicted and Financially Unstable

I Could Not Save Money or Buy Myself Things

Dudu started drinking alcohol heavily and then smoking cigarettes when she was supposed to be studying to become a teacher at a college.

I used to drink occasionally with my friends and two sisters, but my alcohol intake became an addiction when I was in college. We sometimes drank at home when my parents were at work and went to nightclubs on weekends. I drank the whole night and went back home the following day.”

After she completed her studies, she found a job as a teacher but spent her salary on her addictions.

I could not save money or buy myself things I wanted because I wasted all my money on alcohol. After working for two years as a teacher, my parents encouraged me to further my studies. I then resigned and studied for two years. I found another job but I continued spending money on alcohol and smoking.

I realized that my finances were not improving, but it was not easy to quit alcohol and cigarettes on my own.

She was invited to the universal Church and attended the services because she wanted God to change her life. She took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for her deliverance from alcohol and on Sundays for her spiritual development.

I attended the chains of prayer faithfully because I wanted God to change my life. I surrendered my life to God and practiced His word. that same year I was completely stopped drinking. My finances improved because I was able to save money and buy myself a car. I retired and received my pension fund. I bought another car and I took over a family farm business. I am now enjoying the fruit of my labor in the presence of God.

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