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Get Ready for the Fast of Daniel

Understand The Importance of These 21 Days

Stop Looking at the Cell Phone Screen

Get ready for The Fast of Daniel, that’ll begin Sunday, June 25th, 2023. It’ll be a moment to get closer to the presence of God.

What Is the Fast of Daniel?

The purpose of this fast is to receive the Holy Spirit. During 21 days, we avoid the pleasures of this world in order to seek Him wholeheartedly. The Fast of Daniel is an opportunity for anyone regardless of your religion or background. It’s for anyone who would like  to begin a new life.

The Fast of Daniel is based on the Book of Daniel, chapter 10, in the Bible. For three weeks, Daniel fasted to have more communion with God and to find favor, wisdom, and understanding. The Fast of Daniel isn’t a fast restriction of certain foods but of the distractions that bring entertainment and pleasure from the world.

Why Participate in The Fast of Daniel?

Those who desire to have a closer relationship with God are encouraged to join the movement. It is a way of showing God with actions that He is the first in our lives. For 21 days, we will fast from the pleasures and entertainment that occupy our thoughts and distract us from Him.

How To Do The Fast of Daniel

For 21 days, we will abstain from secular entertainment, secular music, and secular news or information. As Daniel did not eat from the delicacies, we will avoid consuming what secular television, the internet, and social media have to offer, content that brings pleasure to the flesh.

During the 21 days, we will pray, meditate on the Bible, and watch Christian content that benefits our faith and feeds our spirit. We encourage you to watch our new super production, Genesis. It airs on weekdays at 9 PM ET only on LFN.

Avoid social media. Those who work with the internet, news, and social media, may connect to perform their work and avoid it in their free time. You need to have your mind always connected to the Holy Spirit.

Get ready for The Fast of Daniel, that’ll begin Sunday, June 25th, 2023, and last until Sunday, July 16th, 2023. Contact us at 1-888-332-4141 for more information, or visit The Universal Church and speak with a pastor if you’d like to learn more about The Fast of Daniel.