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What Have You Been Doing With Your Time?

Dedicate Yourself to God

What Have You Been Doing With Your Time

How have you been enjoying every minute of your day? Some people think they lack time. They want more hours to handle all their activities, but is this the problem? Or is it the mismanagement of tasks that makes time insufficient?

The book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 says,

“To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”

People believe that staying two hours in church and listening to the Word of God is too long. Yet they can spend two hours scrolling through Instagram or gossiping about the lives of others.


How Much Time Do You Take to Value the Lord Jesus?


Some people prioritize honoring their family, work, friends, parties, school, fame, money etc. But, they neglect the indispensable, the Lord Jesus. Time and priority go hand in hand. What people do with your free moments reveals a lot about themselves. They demonstrate the place God occupies in their life.

God is the base that sustains all of a person’s achievements and gives us strength in times of struggle. Therefore, those who do not dedicate time to Him risk seeing all their effort fall apart at the slightest sign of instability in life.

“Now is the opportunity for you to get closer to the Lord Jesus. Time reflects your choices, your priorities, what is important to you, and the opportunities you have.” says columnist Viviane Freitas on her blog.

Jesus gives the example of a woman who prioritized Him. She did so not only with her physical offering but with her time. (Matthew 26:7)

When You Dedicate Your Time to God, You Express How Valuable He Is

The woman mentioned in the book of Matthew took the most expensive perfume, went to the Lord Jesus, and gave Him two offerings: The perfume and her time. In this way, she demonstrated that God occupied first place in her life.

How many times have you cried out to God for something? You’d dedicate your time asking a request, but once you received the answer you didn’t thank Him? Unfortunately, many people forget to kneel down and thank God for His deeds.

“Everything we do for God is marked by both gratitude and ingratitude. However, ingratitude destroys your heart. It’s not because God is vindictive, but because you can attract the curse into your life when you forget the One who loved you first. God is by your side every day,”  Viviane continued.

“What do you do with your time and your choices? Is it a burden for you to attend church, read the Bible, meditate and pray? That shows what your spiritual life is like. Many disguise themselves as people of God, but in reality, they don’t appreciate anything that Jesus has done. Jesus gives us the opportunity for repentance, but some prefer the glory of the world than Salvation,” concludes Viviane.

Dedicate your time to the things of God, be transparent, and make good use of the free opportunities that God gives you. Your time is sacred and precious. So don’t waste it on the vain things of this world.

Parties, the internet, series, soap operas, and shopping will not add positive things to your life. Consecrate some moments with the Lord Jesus and see the fruits this will bring to your communion with God and your spiritual life.

Jesus offered His time to us here on earth, teaching His Word, and gave his life for us. Now is the time to give Him five minutes of our lives.