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Ukraine News

Ukraine News

With the current war, there are people in Ukraine who are running out of supplies and the situation only grows worse. That’s why Universal has mobilized to also help with groceries. One of the volunteers named maxim Gacenco, 34 years old, has been helping with the distribution of food that was collected.

He says that people are very grateful when help arrives. There are those who are alone because their children had to flee to another place. For maxim, contributing to the lives of these people is something that brings “a great joy to the soul”, in his words, and the perception that “life has gained some meaning”. Before the war started, with the expectation that it could happen. The Universal church in the eastern European countries began to mobilize to stack up on food which was made possible by donations.

To carry out the deliveries, Maxim has the support of a driver, also a volunteer. When asked what motivates him to do so, he says: It’s simple, I put myself in the shoes of those who need help at this time of war. If I can help, then I will.

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