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“I Felt Worthless and Wanted to Take My Own Life…”

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“I Felt Worthless and Wanted to Take My Own Life…”

“When I was younger I suffered sexual abuse in childhood that left me with guilt and depression because I believed that it had been my mistake to allow it. I grew up with resentment, hatred, and disgust for myself. By neglecting my physical appearance, I looked more man than a woman.
I started to cut my body, drink, and smoke to try to forget the pain. I felt that I was worthless and I wanted to take my own life. Being a little older, I got married, but I didn’t feel well. The estrangement that I caused with my husband hurt me. I needed an outlet!

I came to the Universal Church through an invitation and, by using faith, over time I noticed that my inner being was being healed. Before God took everything bad out of me, I forgave those who hurt me. It was not easy to do it, I had to do my part and understand that, if I did not uproot the evil, I would never be happy with anyone, not even with my husband.
Having taken hold of the Lord Jesus was the key to victory. He healed my mind and my heart. I left the addictions and I no longer cut myself. My marriage was restored, I became closer to my husband. God turned tears of sadness into happiness.” – Guadalupe

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