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Pray Until Something Happens


 This has become one of the more popular acronyms used among those in the Christian community. Although, like most good advice it is easier said than done.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. We always have to face a war when fighting for something that truly matters. The same logic applies to a life of faith. While here on earth you will face battles that need to be overcome. You will need to fight daily to maintain your salvation and work hard to see the word of God come true in your life. There is no magic solution but there are miracles.

At times we read the Bible and see wonderful miracles take place and ask, “Why hasn’t this happened to me?” Well, before the Biblical miracle, you saw the Biblical fight! Are you fighting for your miracle, or are you just expecting it to happen?

The word of God says: And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. -Matthew 11:12

This verse is not about physical violence but about a spiritual battle. Anything that is worthwhile in this world and the next has to be taken forcefully.

Unfortunately, many Christians have fallen into a routine of accepting everything that is thrown their way; they have begun living in the natural. Accepting sickness, depression, lack and loss as a part of life; when in fact, they serve a supernatural God.

Give your life to God and then fight with Him to have a blessed and fulfilled life. This is what having a true faith is. It is more than prayers of praise, it is fighting in spirit to have the life promised to you.

The Universal Church
  • Bishop Bira Joshua