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What Are the Signs That You May Need a Strong Prayer?

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What Are the Signs That You May Need a Strong Prayer?

Signs That You May Need a Strong Prayer:

_ Constant pain and Misery

-Unexplained Illness

-Suicidal Thoughts

-Paranormal Activity

– Spiritual Attacks

-Constant Failures



-Anxiety and Depression

What is a strong prayer?

There are different types of prayers. Prayers of gratitude, prayers of potion, for hope, on behalf of others, for prosperity, for healing. The list of prayers that can be made is extensive. However, the prayer that many are not aware of is the strong prayer. A strong prayer is not made with nice words or a calm attitude. it is made in revolt against the evil that is working in a person’s life. Using the name of Jesus, all evil is forced to retreat from all. person: taking with it all emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage that waged war in their life. If you recognize that your life may be being attacked by evil you need a strong prayer.

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