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The Secret to Having a “Divorce-Proof” Marriage

Marriage Is Made up of Two People

The recent pandemic is complicated to face for everyone. A solid marriage is not affected by problems. On the contrary: in the face of difficulties, the couple unites to overcome together.
“Marriage is not just about having a good time”, explains Bishop Renato Cardoso, author of the book “Bulletproof Marriage”.
According to him, many couples, in the face of bad times, think that the dream is over, that happiness is not possible and that it is best to seek divorce. But that’s not true.
“In life, we have to learn how to solve problems to be successful. And it is no different in marriage. According to him, “popular culture trivializes marriage, diminishes the importance of marriage.”
He explains that marriage is not something independent.
“What happens is that people become skeptical, discredited by love, afraid of commitment. Because they are afraid to suffer. They have already suffered so much from disposable relationships that they think marriage is going to be a prison.”

For those who think so, Bishop Renato Cardoso recommends participating in the Love Therapy, which takes place every Thursday at the Universal Church. There, each person can learn about how to use intelligence in marriage and build a successful love life.

Agatha says she has been together with Sergio for eight years but has remained for a long time without enjoying the benefits of a happy relationship. She and Sergio lived together before they were married. At the time, Agatha’s daughter was five years old and Sergio had three daughters from his first marriage. Initially, there was companionship and love, but problems soon arose. “There were also betrayals on his part. It was like living apart in the same house,” recalls Agatha.
Seeing their situation, her parents invited the couple to the Universal Church.But even before going to church, after a serious argument, they decided to separate.

Only apart from each other did they decide to accept the invitation of Agatha’s parents. She also started to follow the social networks of the church and became interested in participating in the meetings.
“Back in April 2015, I went to the Love Therapy on a Thursday and the next day I told Sérgio what I learned in the lecture by email. We talked again and we scheduled to go on the next Thursday together. We heard that it was possible to rebuild trust. we found a way to love again. We started going together again. We reflected on our attitudes and followed all the guidelines”, she comments.
Sérgio reports that after learning to be a better partner, the desire to change and reconcile with his wife was born. “We learned that the couple must first make an alliance at the Altar. So, we started planning the civil wedding and the desire to get married in the church.”
For Agatha, having the church wedding in 2016 blessed their union.

“We live a transformed life, without insecurity and jealousy. We usually say that in these last two years we are much better than before. Today we understand that marriage includes commitment, respect and fidelity. With my love life restored, all areas of my life have benefited”, he concludes.

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