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Universal Online Radio

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Access Universal Church Radio and listen to a word of encouragement and faith before you begin your day, jam to your favorite Universal Church Songs with Online Universal Church, learn about upcoming events, check out the latest motivational pictures, be inspired by stories of life transformations, and seek guidance and counseling by contacting The Universal Church helpline.

By 1998, Universal already had 17 broadcasters and each of them successfully served audiences who wanted to hear the songs and words of faith of bishops and pastors. Thus was born Online Universal Church.


However, this content was not integrated, and each radio followed its own grid. So, in order to bring together the programming, Rede Aleluia was created, a group that would bring together, on a single frequency, all Online Universal Church.


About this new stage, Bishop Marcelo Silva (founder of Rede Aleluia de Rádio) clarified in an interview with Folha Universal newspaper (edition nº 334): “It is the largest radio network in all of Brazil. We currently have 35 broadcasters and a few more in view to expand the network. The inspiration for everything that happens in the Work of God comes from the Holy Spirit and, from there, success happens. The broadcasts started in June of this year (1998). ”


The purpose of the Online Universal Church was clear: “All those who are good for the soul. All who describe the greatness of God and cause faith in the true God to be sown in hearts. The work we do is of the highest quality. I believe that gospel music must have spiritual quality. When a person is afflicted, in need, what pace will be good for that heart? Pagoda? Heavy rock? Evangelical music has to do good for the soul and bring fruit, ”said Bishop Marcelo.

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