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UCKG: Hawaii Crusade of Faith and Miracles1 min read

UCKG: Hawaii Crusade of Faith and Miracles1 min read

Great Crusade of Faith and Miracles

Hawaii, a US state is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the central pacific. Specifically, the island is recognized for their rugged landscapes with cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage, and beaches. In daily our work of the Universal Church. We found people suffering with, depression, addictions, and many families and economic problems. 

The Beginning of the Universal Church in Hawaii 

For that reason, the Universal Church with the spirit of courage and faith, began taking action by donating food to the needie every month. Spreading the gospel through evangelization on the streets and in communities. The Church was able to help many people in the midst of many struggles. Most importantly helping people understand the importance of salvation. 

On July 3rd, the Crusade of Faith and Miracles, happened in Hawaii with Bishop Joshua for the first time in the state. Which powerfully marked the lives of Hawaiians and Immigrants from Micronesia. In short, there was many on the spot healings, miracles, and life transformation testimonies from people whose lives had been restored through personal acts of faith. The testimonies were one of the things that marked and moved the listeners with the stories of overcoming. After all, the most memorable moment of the meeting happened after the message. People had their moment to turn to the Almighty, and received the Spirit of peace in their hearts.

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