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UBB Distribution of Hygiene Kits – Marlin Unit

In Total, 600 Kits Were Distributed

Hygiene Distribution at Marlin Unit

The UBB (Universal Beyond Bars) has been carrying out evangelization work in the country’s prisons for many years to motivate inmates through meetings, visits, events, activities, and courses and to show them that they are not alone and that God cares for them.

Oh, What a Day!

On February 20, 2024, Bishop Bira Joshua and a team of pastors and volunteers had a chance to distribute hygiene products in the Marlin Unit located in Marlin, TX. It was a very impactful day, filled with gratitude and appreciation from all present. In total, 600 kits were distributed. The ladies were quite happy to have received the hygiene kits prepared for them. 

They woke up early to receive the kits, and the four Bishops blessed each one of them. There was no service, but before they left, they received much more than a hygiene kit. Everyone present received the blessing of God through prayer. After the blessing from God, they headed back to their dorms. 

The women could not hide their joy and appreciation. They commented that it was a blessing for them as the hygiene kits were of good quality, and they don’t usually get that. One person commented that she received the best shampoo and conditioner that is good for her hair. This help from the UBB made a difference for them since what they get inside is limited.

The work of the UBB has contributed significantly to the recovery of inmates through preaching the Gospel. The church plays its role in society, offering ways for prisoners to return to the community with a new mind and life, making them believe that a new life is possible with Jesus Christ. 

Those present that day also stated how grateful they were to have seen familiar faces from the UBB. They had attended previous classes with the UBB in other units before going to Marlin, so they were very excited to see familiar faces again and have the presence of the UBB there.