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The Experience of a Son

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The Experience of a Son

It happened on a Friday, around 10 pm. The meeting took place as usual. Even though the room was large, about 30 people gathered closely together. As he evaluated the outcome of the evangelistic work, Pastor Samuel, the church leader, said to me: “Yes, Edir… I don’t think you have the calling of God. There isn’t much progress in your work. You should continue working at your job. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to take care of that church and you’re going to do the special service in Cine Ridan.”

Those words exploded like a bomb inside me. Once again, I felt the pain of rejection, contempt, shame, and humiliation. For years I had been pursuing the dream of serving my Lord. But now, in front of those pastors, auxiliaries, and assistants, my passion for souls was being violently taken away. I was not a pastor, just an assistant who thirst for more. But I was respected by others. The pastor’s words were so strong that he felt embarrassed. Then he called everyone to pray. My pain was not in losing the special service I was doing, but in being considered without conditions to win souls. This hurt very much.

Deeply disheartened, I got down on my knees and addressed God, saying: “My Father…” The pain was so intense that I didn’t know what to say or ask for. I just repeated the phrase, “My Father…” At that moment, immeasurable joy flooded my being. Like a fountain pouring from within, it materialized in joy. I began to smile. And it grew more and more, to the point of laughter… Everyone stopped praying and gave me a perplexed look. They wanted to know the reason for my joy. They had never seen anything like it. Me neither! But no one dared ask because they knew the Spirit of God was responsible.

But what caught my attention the most was that this joy of the soul began when I said, “My Father!…” I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was as if He held me in His arms and said, “Do not be afraid, I chose you. ”Two years later, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God was born.

Only those who are born of the Spirit have the privilege of invoking God as Father and receiving His attention.
Please read Isaiah 41.9-13 and you will have a better understanding of my experience with God.

The Universal Church
  • Bishop Edir Macedo