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Thank You

By Giving Thanks to God in Everything, You Are Demonstrating Trust

Thank You

When a person is born of the Holy Spirit, they become a new creature. They submit to the Word of God without questioning, with humility, and saying thank you. The apostle Paul wrote:

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Generally, people start the day worried, saying: “I have to do this, I have to do that, I have to go to church, I have to make my prayers, I have to fulfill my duties and obligations, etc.” What is the mistake in doing that?

They say what they shouldn’t know. They speak about the pain, the displeasure, and the situation, but they do not thank God. 

Typically, when a situation brings concerns, fears, and doubts, people usually begin to complain.

Complaining is a usual attitude for people who do not know the word of God. Those who know God and have a relationship with Him know what is written. They understand that what is written needs to be practiced and obeyed.

Those born of the Spirit are obligated to give thanks for everything. On a good day and a bad day, in the good and bad moments! Yet many Christians have failed in doing so.

By giving thanks to God in everything, you are demonstrating trust. Even though life can get complicated, and you may live through dark moments with the Holy Spirit, you know it will pass. The reason is that they know God sustains them, the Holy Spirit will guide them, and eventually, the good moment will come. They know they won’t be defeated and frustrated.

When complaining about bad times, we strengthen evil. But we resist evil and honor the Lord by giving thanks to God. Although we cannot see nor touch Him, we believe He exists and is present with us. In this way, the Name of the Lord is sanctified in our lives. That’s what God wants because, at all times, the devil affronts the Creator through His Sons.

Therefore, take care of your words so they do not come to honor the devil and insult God. Let your words praise God at all times and in any situation. Do this as a daily exercise, and instead of complaining or lamenting, thank God!