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I Was Presented to Evil Spirits

Laercio's Story

LaercioLaercio says that in his mother’s womb, she presented him to evil spirits. and that he received from them the “gift of divination.”

“At the age of 9, I told my mother which person would come to our house and even the color of the clothes they would be wearing. My mother would walk around several houses with spirits, and they would tell her that I had to serve them. That’s when I started working with them.

I served them, but he recalls that despite being still a child, I had a great sadness in my soul and disturbances that dragged on for years,” he recalls.

He began serving evil spirits as a guide and witches as an adult. “I played tarot and gypsy cards and looked at the person’s life in the glass of water. Sometimes, I didn’t even need any of that because all I had to do was look at the person, and I told them about their life. Today I know that the demons revealed all of this to me. I thought it was God’s gift, but I was always sick.”

After living that way for nearly 30 years, Laercio got to know The Universal Church through his late wife. “I would go with her and wait at the door. One Sunday, I went in and heard a biblical passage that said that witches and sorcerers will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (Revelation 22:15).

I had a great sadness in my soul. That day I cried like a child and recognized that I was living in deceit,” he reveals.

That’s how he started attending deliverance meetings when he determined he didn’t want the spirits to pass through his body again. “As it is written that it is the Word that sets us free, the Word entered my soul, and there was true repentance for everything I had done, even if I had been deceived. I also had a lot of determination to break free from everything. I went to church from Sunday to Sunday,” he says.

By abandoning the old life, Laercio was baptized in water, got rid of illness and sadness, and achieved his most precious asset: “I received the Holy Spirit before I was baptized in water. It was an immense joy. Today I am happy, I have peace, health and the certainty of my Salvation,” he concludes.

“I received the Holy Spirit before I was baptized in water. It was an immense joy. Today I am happy, and I have peace, health, and the certainty of my Salvation”, he concludes.

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