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“I Was Introduced To Smoking & I Started Doing It…”

Diyana's Story

DiyanaWhen I was 3, my biological mother gave me away to my godparents. I never really knew who my real mom was. I always thought that the people I lived with were my birth parents. But that wasn’t the case. They never told me about it. Growing up, I felt emotionally neglected. I thought that they cared for their children more than me. Every time I would feel this, I would write it in a notebook and would release my emotions there. I needed something to be emotionally there for me. So I would either look for it in friends or dancing. I was popular at school because of my talent, and the dancing made me feel better. I would go to school to feel happy. Some people introduced me to smoking, and I started doing it.

I got a boyfriend because I thought I would feel better. He did things behind my back. He told me something I wanted to hear because, at that time, I was vulnerable. I felt like there was no one there for me. I felt like everybody was against me. That’s when I started doing drugs more and got really depressed.

It got to the point that I took a bunch of pills and laid down. I woke up nauseous, and I threw up. My cousin called my parents immediately. I thought it was a wake-up call because I could have died. Then I moved in with my real family. I was just really lost.

My cousin told me about the Universal Church and invited me to go with her. She told me about the Youth Power Group, and I checked it out. I liked it, and I started to attend the services. Eventually, I got delivered from depression, and I stopped doing drugs.

Then I heard about the Holy Spirit and wanted to receive Him. The pastor said that the Holy Spirit helps you overcome when you can’t seem to get through the tough times. He guides you and gives you the strength to overcome temptations. I went to Wednesday meetings, and I would pray and seek Him.

When I received the Holy Spirit, I had this assurance that God was with me. Today, I am not depressed. I no longer seek other people’s approval or happiness in drugs. I’m not bitter, sad, or angry anymore. I’m a new person, and I’m happy.


– Diyana from Florida