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“I Was Addicted to Marijuana, Pornography, and Alcohol”

The Holy Spirit Is My Source of Joy

I Was Addicted to Marijuana, Pornography, and Alcohol.For a long time, I was addicted to marijuana, pornography, and alcohol. Plus, I needed to drink to get to sleep due to my unhappiness and depression. I was sad most of the time and had lost interest in everything and everyone. That led me to begin to party a lot. I was married but didn’t care about my spouse or the kids. All I wanted was to go out with friends and party.

Because of my lifestyle, my marriage was not good, and we were about to divorce. I used to work a lot, and when I was not working, I would be out with friends to party, and this was making the situation in my marriage get worse. Even though I used to worI Was Addicted to Marijuana, Pornography, and Alcohol.k a lot. I had a lot of financial problems and was in a lot of debt since I had to spend my earnings to satisfy my lifestyle. Plus, I didn’t care about anyone, not my children or parents. I was very controlling and selfish. With time, depression and anxiety were getting worse.

After some time living this lifestyle, I got a back injury. I could not walk or do anything, and the medications were not able to help me.

Feeling helpless and unable to walk, I would cry a lot, and all my friends that I would go out with were no longer there. The only person who stayed was the one I pushed away all those years, my husband.


I Was Addicted to Marijuana, Pornography, and Alcohol.My mother heard about the Universal Church and the miracles there. She invited me to go, and even though I was in pain, I made the effort and went to church. At the church, I learned to use my faith, and as I continued coming and making a chain of prayer for my healing, God set me free from all the pains that I had, and I could walk alone. 

As I continued coming, especially on Wednesdays of the Bible Study, I realized I needed to change my life and surrender to God. I decided to stop partying, smoking, drinking, and all that I was doing that was wrong. My husband came with me to church, and as we learned from the Word of God how to treat each other, things started to change in our marriage. We renewed our vows, and our marriage is a blessing now.

I participated in the Fast of Daniel and gave everything wrong, which was mostly my will. I started seeking the Holy Spirit, and God filled me with His Spirit. Today, I have a new life.I Was Addicted to Marijuana, Pornography, and Alcohol.

I’m no longer suffering from depression and addiction. I don’t need possessions to be content because the Holy Spirit is my source of joy. Today, my marriage and financial situation are blessed. Now, I sleep without alcohol, and my entire life has changed from the inside out.

Mrs. Erica Pena