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“Come, Let’s Go Party Here”

Harriet Forde's

Harriet FordeI had a decent number of friends because I always made friends. They would tell me, “Come, let’s go party here. Let’s go there.” At first, I would go out on Friday and Saturday, then it went to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

When partying, you don’t think about loneliness. Partying makes you believe you are having fun, that it’s okay, it’s good because you are with your friends. But, when the party’s over, it’s all emptiness.  

Nothing, alone, darkness, there was no life! Sometimes I would cry because depression was settling in. I was away from my mother, and I felt alone. Afterwards I stopped having the urge to dance after getting into accidents from party to party. I knew it was time to stop.  

My mother would be praying, and she would tell me to go to church, but I would say there is no church for me here. I would stay at home alone all the time, reading books. It was a very sad and lonely life. 

One day, I went to try to kill myself. I said, “If I take pills with alcohol, something should happen.” I wanted to die, but nothing happened. That’s when I said, “God, I surrender everything to you. Whatever you show me, whatever you tell me to do. That’s it! I’ll do it!”  

Two days after I tried to kill myself, someone handed me a flyer to The Universal Church. The first day I came, I didn’t understand anything. It was like nothing I experienced in my life. 

 I received strong prayers. 

The Bishop would preach, and I felt he was talking about me. I would say, “He doesn’t know me!” I would walk out of the service angry. But, one day, the Bishop called me and said, “You are making space for the devil.” That’s when I committed myself to God. I did my chain of prayer and would attend church every day. I started to get free from my depression.  

After receiving the Holy Spirit, I no longer feel empty. From that moment on, I never tried to commit suicide again. I love life, I love sharing life, and saving souls! Now I don’t need people’s approval or to do things for men to see. I want to have a true relationship with God.