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Blessing From the Holy Land on Dec. 24th

Bishop Macedo Will Minister This Special Prayer From Israel on Christmas Eve

Blessing From the Holy Land on December 24th

On Saturday, December 24th, at 5 PM CT / 6 PM ET, Christmas Eve, Bishop Edir Macedo will pray and minister the blessing for all your family directly from the Holy Land, Israel.

For Whom Is this Blessing?

This special blessing is for anyone who connects in faith, whether with family or not. It is for everyone, those who are alone without family and those in prison, hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, the streets, or any situation.

Live Broadcast

Regardless of where you may be or under any circumstances, if you desire the Lord Jesus to enter your life and family, and if you desire true happiness, participate in this prayer. 

The Universal Living Faith Network will broadcast this prayer. You may view this prayer by visiting or through the ULFN apps for IOS, Android, and Roku devices. For a list of TV providers offering ULFN, please visit


Prepare Yourself

Prepare some bread to be blessed, even if it is just a piece. This blessing will reach you regardless of the amount of bread on your table or in your hands. 

Do not miss this prayer. The Lord will touch your life wherever you may be.

For more information, please call 1-888-332-4141 or visit The Universal Church nearest to you.