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Are You Immune to Envy?

When You Have the Holy Spirit, You Are Immune to Envy

Are You Immune to Envy

Are You Immune to Envy? Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit lives and gives life. However, the flesh rots, and there is no benefit from it. 

God doesn’t want to give you a little life. He wants to provide you with eternity. The Lord does not want you to beg for small blessings. He wants you to be the blessing itself. The Almighty wants to give you the Holy Spirit, the most incredible wealth human beings can achieve. Yet, for that, you need to want Him more than anything.

Some people suffer from envy. Maybe the people around you are jealous of you, but the opposite can also happen. You can be jealous of other people. Envy is a symptom that you are living in the flesh and demonstrates that your life is not in the hands of God.

There is also the presence of evil. On the other hand, when you have the Holy Spirit, you are immune to envy, the big eye, witchcraft, sorcery, magic, and all things in hell.

The Book of James Clearly Explains Where There Is Envy:

“But if you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, do not boast and do not lie against the truth. This wisdom descends not from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, and devilish. For where there is envying and strife, there is confusion and every evil work.” (James 3:14-16)

Indeed you will have struggles at home, at work, and in the family, but there will be peace within you. It is because you have an eternity that dwells in you. Where there is God, there is Faith, intelligence, and peace.

The Kingdom of Heaven is spiritual; only those with the Holy Spirit can enter paradise. For this to happen, you must abandon your will to do God’s. Jesus said he would never leave man alone, and because of this, he gave the Holy Spirit to Humanity. Only He can protect you from envy and save you from the world’s dangers.

Many people lose companies, businesses, jobs, relationships, and material goods due to envy. What else do you expect to fail to understand that you need the Holy Spirit? Seek him and give your life to the Lord Jesus. He is the source that will be with you for life.

-Bishop Edir Macedo

The Universal Church
  • Bishop Edir Macedo