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“Addictions Led Me to the Streets”

I Am Very Grateful to God for Everything That Has Happened in My Life

"Addictions Led Me to the Streets"First came the weekly drunken episodes, but they were a laughing matter back then. Then, when I turned 18, I tried cocaine. I needed to be home by midnight, but I was drunk, and my mum would notice. Then one person offered me cocaine to cut the ‘high’ off the drink, and it worked. Little did I know that addictions would led me to the streets. 

To keep having fun, I used ever-increasing doses of cocaine. Gradually, my life began to revolve around parties with friends. I stopped studying and quit my job.

I thought I controlled the situation until I used crack at age 24. Since I had no money, I stole and sold drugs to support my habit. After my arrest I got worst. I missed my family a lot, and I promised I would change.

After eight months, I got out of prison and, encouraged by my mother, agreed to go to a rehabilitation clinic. There they gave me a lot of medicine. I lived doped. When I left, I started using twice as many drugs and ended up on the streets. Being arrested made me scared. I started prostituting myself to use drugs and as a result I contracted syphilis, had sores all over my body, lost my teeth, and didn’t shower.

“In a Single Day I Would Smoke More Than 60 Crack Stones.”

There were dark days when I would look for food in the garbage cans. I even lost my voice because I smoked crack in steel wool. Where I lived, it is possible to find drugs of all prices, which ties the addict; It’s hell. Addictions led me to the streets. I left my three children with my mother because I was homeless.

It seemed that his “hell” had no end. However, one day, in desperation, I asked for help from the cars pass- ing by the avenue I was on. I couldn’t sleep; I couldn’t take that life anymore. I threw myself in front of vehicles until one person stopped. The person took me to my mother’s house and offered me a bath and food. When I got into his car, I wanted to steal the stereo, but he started talking about God; he said there was a way out of my situation, which gave me hope.

He invited me to the Universal Church, and I decided to go. I remember the Pastor told me to open my heart to God. I didn’t know what that was, but I asked to be healed. So I started using my faith. I learned that God gave us the authority to cast out the evil of addiction. It wasn’t easy, I even had a relapse at first, but it’s been four years since I’ve been cured, and I don’t want to use drugs anymore. I now have contact with my three children, aged 13, 9, and 5.

Today, at 31, Janaina does evangelistic work with people who want to overcome drug addiction. Furthermore, she completed her high school education and is self-employed. “I am very grateful to God for everything that has happened in my life and for having put these people to help me. My goal is to show that there is a way out for those who are addicted.”

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