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A Showdown of Faith

Universal Church Temple

Sunday, May 20th, the Showdown of Faith was held in Compton, California. Hundreds of people came from various parts of the state including Oakland, San Diego, Fresno and San Francisco to take part in this gathering of faith. About 100 people came for the first time, including those who came from watching the Showdown of Faith on BET.

We must be like Caleb and Joshua who did not look at the difficulties imposed and did not listen to the other spies who only observed the problems, but looked to God who made them strong to possess the Promised Land said Bishop Bira responsible for the evangelistic work of the Universal Church in the country and also in the Caribbean.

Bishop is also the host of Showdown of Faith on BET, and finished the message saying: let the weak say I’m strong!” It was a powerful morning in the lives of those who made the effort to be part of this special service in California. Check out showdown of faith reviews:

“I was addicted to marijuana and cigarettes for 30 years and after coming to the church and using my faith, I am free” -Franklin, CA



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