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I Had Hatred and Emptiness Within

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I was a lonely and empty person. I carried hatred and emptiness within me from my childhood.

My mother told me since I was a child to not hang out with the wrong crowd and I obeyed her. However this led to other things because that’s when I started to be lonely. I didn’t want to be around people. It’s not because I don’t love them, I just didn’t want to be around them.

This affected my life in general. My first profession was in the police force. This made the situation complicated. Due to the fact that, I was brought up this way, I had the mentality like: I’m a tough guy, I can do whatever I want. But the truth was, I couldn’t do whatever I want. I had to treat people with love, with respect. Being in the police force made me shut people out even more. I had to act tough.

The situation became worse when my mother passed away. When she passed, I realized that life was very fragile. That was probably one of my lowest points because I loved my mother very much.I Had Hatred and Emptiness Within

After she passed, I decided I wanted to have a closer relationship with God. I have been to many churches. I come in empty and leave the same. Then, I asked God to show me a place where I can go.

One day, I took a newspaper and I found out about the Universal Church. When I read the testimonies of people, I said I need to go to this church. I came the very next day. It was a Friday. I didn’t know anything about deliverance.

When they prayed for me, the burden was lifted off my shoulders. I told God when I came on a Sunday, ‘I’m going to give my life to You.” I surrendered my life to God with a sincere heart and I received the Holy Spirit. From that day up to this day, I never looked back. When I received the Holy Spirit everything changed: my love for people, my attitude, etc.

When people see me now, they say they remember me and that I look different. Today I have joy, peace and happiness.

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