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The Day of Prophecy

7 Bishops and Pastors Prophesy Over All the Areas for People’s Life

On September, 12th at 10am, the day Day of Prophecy event was held at the University of Houston. Bishop Joshua, along with & bishops and pastors from all over the nation came together for this great event.
People from different parts event.

People from different parts of the country and internationally flew in to take part of this event. More than 1,500 people were present.
Many gave this their testimonies of transformation after receiving the prophecies. 7 strong prayers were made and people were blessed. Indeed, it was a powerful event!

Petra and Anthony’s Result of Faith

Petra and her husband were both diagnosed with cancer. Petra’s mother was disposed with the disease a year before Petra was.

“The doctor diagnosed me with stage 3 and 4 cancer in my liver and in my stomach. I drank the blessed water by faith for my healing and God has indeed healed me, completely. When Ii went for my last check up the doctor said I was very healthy”, said Petra.

“I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I didn’t accept the situation and I drank the Blessed Water everyday, by faith. My wife wouldn’t let me miss a day without drinking the blessed water. When I went to see the doctor, he asked me why I am coming there because nothing is wrong with me anymore, I don’t have cancer any more. I am totally healed”, Anthony said.

Maybe you weren’t able to attend, but don’t fret. Come to the Universal Church near you and a man of God will be waiting for you, ready to assist you. Click here.


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