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“I had no control over myself…”

Life Story of Tashia Bey

My main problem was anxiety and fear. This anxiety was controlling my life. I couldn’t sleep. There were times I could not eat. I could not drive well. I had issues with driving over bridges. It got to the point where it was just consuming my life. I had no control over myself.“I had no control over myself...”

The anxiety was so strong that my thoughts were controlling me. I couldn’t control how I felt as If  I was going to come out myself. It was the worst feeling ever. It was horrible. The anxiety had consumed me so much that I as an introvert. Like, I didn’t like to socialize.

I didn’t talk very much on the phone. I was in the house all the time. So I was unable to help my clients. It are to the point that I literally pulled myself out of hat circuit. The anxiety had such a strong hold on me that nothing that I would take helped me. Nothing.

I found the Universal church though the Tv program. Then, I was late and couldn’t sleep, a commercial came on and it started along about the chain of prayer. I got up and prepared myself. I went to the ten o’clock service.

My life has been totally different ever since. Today I sleep peacefully, which is something I didn’t have for as long as I can remember.

The Universal Church
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