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Strong Prayers Work!

You’ve Tried Nearly Everything, so Now It’s Time To See How Strong Prayer Work!

Strong Prayers Work!

I grew up in a dysfunctional home, My father was an alcoholic. There were a lot of fights in the house. I grew a deep hatred against my father, and thought that he was to blame for all the pain I felt inside me.

I started hearing voices in my head, telling me to kill my father, These voices made me think he was the source of my pain and entire family’s pain, so it would be better if he was out of the picture.

The hatred I had for him was growing more and more with each passing day. I couldn’t see any other way out of this problem. To me the only solution left was to kill my father and run away from home. In my mind I already accepted the fact that I was never going to be happy in life. Seeing other families made me jealous, I would see them laughing and happy.

Everyday I would think, ‘how came they are happy and my family isn’t?’. There were times where I  isolated myself away from other people as well. I always wanted to. be alone. I was depressed and was just tired of all the problems.

Later on I was introduced to the Universal Church and when I came, I received the strong prayers for deliverance. I was set free from all hatred against my father through the power of God. Inside of me, I no longer have the desire to kill him my entire family is in the presence of God today.
I received the Holy Spirit and my life is completely transformed. My dada is my best friend today.

– Oswaldo Riva

The Universal Church
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