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My Daughters Were Suicidal & Addicted

Learn How She Fought for Her Family

Due to the death of my husband, my youngest daughter fell into a deep depression and attempted suicide twice. I know she preferred to see me dead instead of her father. Due to that, our relationship was a disaster.My Daughters Were Suicidal & Addicted

I no longer knew what to do to help her. I ran everywhere to find a solution and suffered a lot from this situation.

In addition, my eldest daughter immersed herself in the world of drugs and consumed all kinds of substances. She was also disgusted with me and spent up to three days away from home. I hardly saw her anymore! The scene that shocked me most was when I saw her with two other young women. They were dressed in ordinary clothes, completely drunk and drugged. I was very sad.

One day, I went to the Universal Church in search of a solution to my problems and, above all, to the problems of my daughters.

At first, I told my youngest daughter to come with me, but with the oldest, it was not easy, as she had to reach the point of almost having an overdose to accept to come with me. Meanwhile, I prayed a lot for her, I wrote her name in the prayer book. I acted on my faith, putting into practice the teachings I received and believing in my transformation and theirs as well. And the change happened!

“Today, my youngest daughter no longer suffers from depression and the oldest is free from all addictions. Our relationship has totally changed. We are very united and the most important thing is that we are all in the presence of God and very happy.” – Teresinha


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