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Don’t Fight Against Your Family, Fight For Your Family

"All We Did Was Fight...”

Imagine reaching the point of buying cocaine for your husband just so he wouldn’t leave the house? Only a true act of desperation can lead a person to enable the addiction that they see is destroying the person they love. But when you can’t seem to find another solution to the problem, what choice do you have right? This is the exact same way Aline felt, and the exact same thing she did in order to try and keep her family together.

All of this was to no avail of course, but once she learned the right way to fight for her family, everything changed. Take a look at her story now, and if you can relate, now is the time to do as she did “I became an alcoholic after a relationship ended when I was only 17 years old. I was broken, seeking love and acceptance, so I would party all weekend long. I would jump from one club to the next, and this is actually how I met my husband, Paul.Don't Fight Against Your Family, Fight For Your Family

He was drunk one night, and looking at him, I knew he wasn’t only doing alcohol… He had to be doing other drugs. But we dated and got married, and I remember there were nights that he would be out on the streets, lost in the world of drugs and alcohol, but when he got home, all we would do was fight. This was not how I pictured my family would be…

My husband used to go the the Universal Church, but he backslid and fell into the world of drugs. His entire salary would be wasted on drugs and alcohol in the very day he received it. His addiction cost us both a lot. It costs him 4 cars, 3 motorcycles, his job, his dignity and respect, and almost cost him our family. His drug and alcohol abuse was so out of hand, we thought he would have a heart attack with the quantity of drugs and alcohol he was pumping into his system.

All the money we were making, everything we needed to pay the bills, the rent, groceries. The money to pay our debt was all going towards his addiction. I hit my rock bottom when I myself went out on the streets to buy him cocaine just so he wouldn’t leave the house. I knew if he left, he would not be coming back home…

This is when we both decided we needed help and fast. We came to the Universal Church and I learned that I had to stop fifighting him. I had to fight for him, we did our Chain of Prayer for our family to be restored. He did his separate Chain to be set free from the addictions. God helped us and set him free. He opened the doors for us to own our business and it is more successful than we thought! Today we are also full of the Holy Spirit.

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