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The Despair & Emptiness Increased Daily

Read About Flavia's Transformation

“As a teenager, I started smoking and drinking because of the emptiness and sadness that suffocated me. I got to know the wrong things and started doing them. I tried to stop but couldn’t, I felt incapable of winning in life and felt that I didn’t deserve good things.”

Flávia says that she became a very nervous person and that she only wanted to know about fun, parties, friendships, and relationships. During this period, she used drugs in an attempt to forget about her problems.“Despite that,  I couldn’t be happy and the emptiness and despair in my soul increased day by day. I wanted a change, but I couldn’t imagine how I could have it, and deep down I believed that there was no way for my life.”

It was in this situation that she met Fabiano and they got married. So, she figured her life might change at last. However, the couple’sfights were constant and they even physically attacked each other. She says that, shortly thereafter, she became depressed. “My life was all about suffering. I was already dependent on drugs. Nobody believed in a change for that situation, least of all me.”

Seeing this suffering, Flávia’s mother invited her to participate in the deliverance meetings at the Universal Church. In the first few days, she already started to feel peace. “I stood firm and went through the deliverance process. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined to change. I remember people in my family said I couldn’t make it and that was ‘all talk’. However, in a short time, I was free from addictions and mainly from pain and emptiness.”

Flavia was no longer the same person as before and her attitudes and character had changed. She had an encounter with God and her new behavior caught the attention of everyone around her. “My husband, seeing the transformation in my life, wanted to know how it was possible, accompanied me and took the first steps in faith at the Universal Church. Today he is also a new man.” When they heard about the sacrificial faith and the life laid down on the Altar, Flavia and her husband learned that with the strength of their own arms they would not be able to achieve the blessings.

Today we have a blessed marriage, we serve God together, we are best friends and our daughter is growing up ent of peace. After much humiliation of renting, we conquered our own house at the Altar, but our greatest
achievement was the Holy Spirit that lives in us. God has blessed us every day and those who see us today take some time to believe how we lived in the past. We know that we are going to achieve much more by sowing with God.”- Flávia


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