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I was working but I was always in debt

Remember Him, He Will Always Remember You

I considered myself unlucky and had a lot of fear because nothing was going right. In my finances, I was server able to move forward. Even though and in debt. I didn’t understand why that was happing. When I met my wife, Sherida, she was already attending the church and invited me.

I remember that at the time, I had no prospects in life. I would fear the challenges of faith, faithfulness, and Challenging God. In the beginning, I confess that I did not understand them very well. I had some money that I was going to use to buy a used car and my wife, who at the time girlfriend at the time guidI was working but I was always in debted to put the value on the Altar and said that my life would change.

More than listening to her, I obeyed the voice of God. From that moment on, my thinking changed.
Instead of being unlucky, I started to think that I could be someone and achieve everything I wanted. My life change started through my new thinking. I started my own business and always trusted that God would be in control of everything.

My greatest achievement is undoubtedly to have God dwelling within me. The Holy Spirit gives me direction, peace, makes me smile in the midst of struggles, and frees me from fears and failures. This is everything in my life, more than any material blessing. Today I am happy, happily married, because my wife completes me, and receives the vision of God in my life. I have no more debts now I have my own financial advisory company and employees. Before, I lived in a small room, and today I live in an apartment valued at more than $ 1 million. I bought a new vehicle, in cash, with zero miles.

We are able to eat in the restaurants we want, and wear the clothes we want. I can say that I had a total transformation of life. -Rafael

For Rafael and his wife, the secret of accomplishment is to live a life of constant faithfulness and giving. They claim that they still want to make many dreams come true for the Glory of God.
Sacrifice is part of our life, and it is our spiritual, financial, family and marriage. The Altar never ceases to answer us. This vow with God allowed supernatural things to happen, which we never thought were possible. And we will always follow that faith because we know God will accomplish much more.


I was working but I was always in debt

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