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I Was Incapable, Inferior & Fearful…

Read the Life Changing Story of Wagner

Wagner says he was already seen incapable as a child. As a result, he grew up with low self-esteem. “I already saw myself inferior because others looked at me like that. This happened at school when I was the last to be chosen. Growing up I was very shy and when I came of age I was very shy and insecure.

I continued to think of myself as incapable. I was considered the smallest. Last in everything and I couldn’t change that, I was rejected even by my family.”

Wagner says that he felt an emptiness in his soul and that he tried to fill it with parties but he never managed. He had the feeling that he would die at any moment and so he lived in fear.

During a sleepless night, Wagner decided to listen to some songs on the radio and he heard a message that gave him hope. He received an invitation to attend a meeting at the Universal Church and days later decided to go there. He says that his surrender to God transformed him internally and reflected outwardly.

“I got to know the work of the Church and participated in meetings until I had my encounter with God. Gradually I became another man. I conquered the emptiness and sadness and freed

myself from the feeling of death. People said I was different and the change took place from the inside out. I started to have courage.”

Developing his faith, Wagner always fulfilled his vows at the Altar of Sacrifice.

 All I accomplished was through vows with God at the Altar. It was there that I left the weak, I Was Incapable, Inferior & Fearful...complexed Wagner and became a strong man. God changed my identity now seeking out for advice and help.” Those who despised me in the family are now seeking out for advice and help.”

This attitude has made Wagner’s life prosper. Today he is married and they have an aesthetic clinic. Which is a source of employment for other people. The couple also fulfilled their dream of having their own home and an imported car. They believe that they will achieve much more because they have God first in their lives and they always demonstrate this attitude through the Faith placed on the Altar.

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