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Feeling Like a Slave to Your Problems

"I Was a Slave to Drugs..."

Feeling like a slave to your problems this independence day?

“I was a slave to drugs”
How would you feel to know that your in-laws and other relatives refer to you as the ‘trash of the world’ due to your incompetence? With that being said, when drug addictions take over one’s life, they are willing to do
whatever it takes for the drug. Even if it means disappointing the people they love the most… Feeling like a slave to a drug, alcohol, or object? Read Joseph’s story of how he was able to break free from the spiritual slavery he was in.

If you can relate in any way, do as he did: “I wish I found this place sooner, I would have avoided a lot of pain, and suffering for my wife and family. I was an alcoholic for a good percentage of my marriage. I couldn’t keep up with our finances and my wife and I were always fighting. There were times where the fights became physical and very violent. My wife’s side of the family saw the humiliation I was causing, and would always put me down.

Feeling Like a Slave to Your ProblemsThey said things like, ‘you are trash’ or ‘you are good for nothing’. And this, along with other issues, caused me to fall into a depression and desire to take my own life. I could not be at a bus stop without the thought of me jumping. Into the oncoming traffic popping in my mind. I couldn’t walk past a window in a high rise building. Without the thought telling me to jump out of it. I was living in torment day in and day out, and my addictions were only getting worse…

When we heard about the Universal Church, my wife decided to go. We both understood that the more we tried fighting this battle on our own, the more problems would arise. So we decided then and there to depend on God. My wife took part in the Campaign of Israel and gave her all on the Altar. Once I saw the change in her, I decided I wanted to do the same thing and see the power of this God in my life too.

And let me tell you after I did my part and placed my all on God’s Altar, He saw my heart. He saw how badly I wanted to be set free, and He completely took the cravings for the drugs or alcohol away. But, God restored our marriage in such a way that I never imagined we would be like one another.

God gave me His Spirit, He removed the suicidal thoughts and gives me inspirations every day for a better life. Today I have peace and joy, With the assurance that no matter what, I know my life and my family are in God’s hands only there are we truly safe and secure.”

For you to receive the Holy Spirit, you have to be free from all evil. Receive strong prayers for deliverance every Friday.

If you are in need of help give us a call: 1-888-332-4141 the counselor.

You can also reach us through out Online Pastor.

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