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I Was Almost Killed Twice…

Life Changing Story of Jones

“I grew up in the church, but with new friends, I walked away and started using marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs because I wanted to be popular.” But Jones soon realized he didn’t have the money to buy drugs. “I was always depending on friends to use them and they started to drift away. To support the addiction, I got close to drug dealers. I started dealing and stealing and I got to know influential people within the trade.”

“I started to prostitute myself and became violent. Then, I was reported to the police and one night I was arrested. At times I even appeared on TV. Waiting trial in prison and my family was always looking for my transformation. But I just thought that if I was involved in a murder and corpse concealment, my sentence would be many years.”

His brother-in-law sought information about Jones’ lawsuit. “The judge said I was an abomination to society and thought I had no more chances. As friends sent me drugs in prison, I started dealing there, until I received a copy of the Universal News. The Bishop who handed me the newspaper said that in eight days I would be released: ‘Here’s your release permit, do you believe?’ I was out in five days.”

Even free, Jones was still not firm in the faith. “I went back to doing bad things and my life almost ended twice. I made a vow with God and from then on my life changed. The first day I set foot in the church, Jones was no longer aggressive and nervous and I knew I had to seek the Holy Spirit.”

He began to obey the Word of God. “I ended a relationship that was of the world. God showed me that I had to leave that relationship. I gave up my spirit and when the seeking ended. I was already trans figured and I knew I had an encounter with God.”

Today my family sees the fruits of my transformation and my mother is able to sleep in peace. Society thinks there’s no more chance for us, but for God hope is the last to die. Once you focus on eternal life and not on the blessing, but on the Blesser, there is a new opportunity.”

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