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Marriage on the Rocks

How Do I Refund the Trust That Was Broken?

Getting married is good, but getting married for the sake of getting married does not have the same benefits. Many have even made a commitment before God and society to be faithful. ToMarriage on the Rocks love, to care for, and to become one person with the other. But a relationship is only happy lasting if it is only happy. Lasting if it is built day after, but a relationship is only happy and lasting if is it built day after day. But what to do when there is a moment when trust is lost. You have the desire to continue your marriage but restoration seems impossible. Happy love life is a construction, it is work and it doesn’t come ready. You have worked hard and be willing to do the work continuously like constructing a building. All the construction work is hard, it gets dirty and noisy. It is a difficult thing, but when it is done, everything was worth it. Thursdays in The Universal Church, singles and couples learn the tools they need to continue building a happy and healthy relationship, join us
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