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Wrestling With God at Daybreak

Bishop Joshua and Bishop David Explain That Sacrifice Hits the Nerve


Wrestling With God at Daybreak

Isaac was already advanced in years and could not see. He had two sons: Esau, who was the firstborn, and Jacob. One day, Jacob pretended Esau and received the blessing in his place. This, made Esau hate Jacob. In this way, Jacob deceived his father and brother.

However, despite having made a mistake, God considered Jacob’s will to get the blessing. Because, before Esau had despised God’s blessing.

For many years, Jacob carried within himself all the emotional and psychological baggage of his past mistakes. Thus, one day he had to return to his homeland at God’s request. On the way, alone, he spoke to the Most High and was sincere. He didn’t want that identity anymore.

After fighting hard against that situation, something happened: “You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you fought with God and men as a prince, and prevailed.” Genesis 32:28

The change in your life

Maybe, just like Jacob, you also want to change your identity, leaving behind your past. Know that only the Holy Spirit can make this total transformation in your life.

That’s why throughout the Universal Church, starting on June 14, the Daybreak prayer began in preparation for the great campaign of the Vow of Jabbok.

“When He sees our lives on the Altar just a he saw Isaac there, Isaac was the treasure of Abraham, the second bull of Gideon’s family was their safety-net. When God saw that they put it before Him. So, God had no other option rather than to bless them.” Explained Bishop Joshua Fonseca, during the live broadcast of the Daybreak prayer.

 A Clip of the Daybreak Prayer:

If you want to join us in this faith, participate in the Daybreak prayers. The prayers are Live from Monday-Friday at 5 Am (CT) and 6 Am (ET).

You can join us for this prayer on the Universal Living Faith Network website, Facebook, YouTube, ULFN apps, and Universal Online Radio.


Take advantage of this opportunity.