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I Refused To Have a Destroyed Home

Everything Changed When She Started Attending the Universal Church

I Refused To Have a Destroyed HomeRayla was one of the people who refused to have a destroyed home and struggled to change the scenario. “Dione and I had been together for 12 years, but we didn’t have a happy life. I was always the last to know about his decisions, there was no conversation between us and he prioritized friends over family. Because of that, we fought a lot.”

Having witnessed so many discussions, the couple’s eldest son, Jhonata, became a very quiet child. “He was even afraid to sleep alone. I started to notice these changes in his behavior and talked to my

husband, but nothing could solve it.”

They were separated for three months. Seeing that the couple needed help, Rayla’s sister-in-law invited them to attend a meeting at the Universal Church. “I had insomnia and watched church programs on TV. So, we resumed and decided to go to the Universal Church. At first, I didn’t see any changes. Until at a meeting I heard a word that was God’s guidance for my life: ‘How long will you continue the same way and do the same things? Here you say you’re going to change, but when you get home you do everything the same! ‘That woke me up. I gave my life into the hands of God.”

When he saw his wife’s behavior change, Dione decided to accompany her to a meeting. “It was there that I understood the importance of changing to be, first, a son of God and, later, a good husband

and father. We were not married, we were just together, but when we decided to obey God, we were married in civil and received the blessing of the Altar.”

Today, they claim they have built a happy family.

“I am well aware of what it means to have a divided family. I could not allow this to be repeated with my children and I decided to act by faith and trusting God. As a result, the Lord takes care of us. That is why I say that it is very important to have a family structure based on faith in the Most High.” -Rayla

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