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I Was Determined To Kill Myself Until…

I Smoked, Drank, Then Cried and Cut Myself

EdileneAbuse in childhood made the life of Edilene change completely.” I thought if I slept someone would come to touch me. Then I started having insomnia. I had sleepless nights.”

In adolescence, the problem worsened and the nights became even longer.” I read something in bed to see if sleep would come and I had a lot of headaches. I even hit my head on the wall to see if the pain would go away. I thought about everything that had happened to me and it kept throbbing in my mind. It was practical hell inside me and I just thought about giving up on life.”

As time went by, the problems increased as did the desire for suicide. In total, she made three attempts. Living in this obscure setting and looking for a way out, Edilene turned to a spiritist center. “I went to a therapist they introduced me to and took some medication, but my situation only got worse. At times I was very nervous and at others, I wanted to be locked in my room.”
In an attempt to escape that situation, Edilene became addicted.” I smoked, drank, then cried and cut myself.” The losses due to sleepless nights were many: “I had anorexia, I lost 30 kilos, I had hair loss and I lost my job, because, during working hours, I always felt bad and trembled a lot. Because of the financial instability, I went to live in favor.”
Six years ago life-changing opportunity was presented to Edilence through a TV show. “It was a day when I was determined to kill myself. I drank a lot of alcohol and smoked five packs of cigarettes. I hated God, but before hanging myself, I turned on the TV and accepted the Pastor’s challenge to go to church.
Edilene then surrendered completely. “that same night I slept so much that I was late for work, but I woke in peace. The headaches and addictions were gone.” Listen to God’s Word in the meetings, she learned about the importance of receiving the Holy Spirit, which would deal with her change of life. By developing her faith, Edilene gave up her own will

The most important thing for me today is that I have peace and the Spirit of God within me. Today I want to live and bring life to other people.”


This Sunday at every Universal Church we are going to have the Defeat Depression Event 10 AM. Just like Edilene you too can be cured from depression. Accept this challenge and come to the Universal Church. 


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