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Overflowing Unemployment in America?

Many Are Asking, "When Will It All End?"


It is no new news when it comes to the immense financial crisis that the United States and the rest of the world are currently facing. Residents in the country who began the new decade with high hopes for a promising financial career are finding themselves lined up outside unemployment buildings, filing for government assistant because they have no other way of paying rent. As of June 2020, a staggering 30,000,000 people across the nation have collected unemployment benefits. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a vast decline in total non-farm payroll employment of 140,000 people in December 2020 alone. Although these numbers are high and frighten millions across the nation, those who show a belief in God cannot and do not share this fear. Even in a drought, their grass remains green. Want to be financially stable? Give us a call and speak with a pastor today. Call toll-free today: 1-888-332-4141


Feeling affected by the Financial crisis? Then follow these 2 steps:

Step 1

Invest in your spiritual life:

Before jumping straight into the problem, take a second, step back, and look at the bigger picture. When was the last time you had a sincere, meaningful talk with God? Have you been obeying His Word? Realize that your spiritual life is the core of your confidence and the key to your financial success.

Step 2


Still, have a job in this financial crisis? Work hard every single day. Did you lose your job? Work towards securing new employment. Are you having a hard time finding new employment? Try looking for it in a different field. Can’t seem to find work in a different field? Start working towards being your own boss. Are you catching the drift here? The secret is no secret at all – hard work is key to overcoming a financial crisis.



life story of Fabio“I Had a Debt of Over $1.3M” (Fabio’s Story)


Fabio was a business owner for over 20 years. He has been in the garbage truck business and also owned a shipping company. His dreams of maintaining financial success and comfort for his family evaporated quickly when he began losing clients.

I lost one of my best clients for my shipping business in 2019. Without that consistent revenue coming in, I quickly fell into debt. My expenses to keep both businesses afloat were greatly outweighing my profits, and before I could stop it, my debt rose to a shocking $1.3M. All hope for me was truly lost when 2020 came around and the pandemic hit. I thought this was the end for me… there was no way I could pay this debt on my own.

Around this time, I received an invitation to The Universal Church. I was really skeptical at first but decided this was better than nothing. I made Chains of Prayer for my financial life to change completely. I chose to challenge God – I put Him to the test. I wanted to see if He was real or not. It was amazing. I just started getting ideas for my business. God saw that I humbled myself before Him, and He started blessing my mind. When I executed these ideas, I saw amazing results.

My income was growing more and more. The pandemic did not slow me down, and I paid off my debt in full. Even with tough times, my business is growing and flourishing. I no longer fear any crisis because I know the secret to financial success does not depend on the economy for me – it depends on my faith in God.


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