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YPG Held a Graduation Ceremony for 350 Students

Among the Courses Offered Are Web Design, English and Even Architectural Drawing

YPG Holds Graduation of 350 Ugandan Students

In June, the Youth Power Group (YPG) held a graduation ceremony for 350 students who completed the training courses offered, free of charge, by the social program in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. About 950 people attended, including family and friends of the graduates.

Classes began last year during the school holidays. The YPG saw the need to support the youths in the community, and they offered them fundamental knowledge in different professional areas that could help both in their education and profession. The classes had participants aged between 18 through 50 years old.

The course lasted three months, and the classes took place four times a week and were taught by volunteers. Some courses offered were architectural design, sound, web design, music, general cuisine, English, hairdressing, baking, economics, and management and computing.YPG Holds Graduation of 350 Ugandan Students

“Many thirst for knowledge and education, but the cost to access them is very high. Unfortunately, many parents and youths live depressed because they cannot have proper education. Through this social work, the hope and dreams of many have been revived. Youths with no direction in life had an opportunity,” explained Guilherme da Silveira, responsible for the work.

YPG held a Graduation Ceremony where 350 students received certificates. Plus, they enjoyed a photo shoot, and the graduation cake was prepared by the students who took part in the cooking class. The members of the YPG Culture project had musical and theater presentations.


Many students gave testimonials during the ceremony, some already employed in the area where they studied. Birunji Annet, 22 years old, had finished high school but was sad to see her colleagues continue their studies. She did not have the financial conditions to do the same. Birunji says she didn’t think she would ever have the opportunity to take a course. She opened her own business and has many clients thanks to hairdressing and general cooking classes. Speaking at the event, she, next to her mother, cried and said: “They are not tears of sadness but of great joy!”

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