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NY Nursing Home: Ditmas Park Nursing & Rehab

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NY Nursing Home: Ditmas Park Nursing & Rehab

The best place for a senior citizen to be is with people that loves and cares about them. One of the most common reasons for dissatisfaction faced by the elderly in nursing homes is social isolation.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic many senior citizens were faced various challenges. Family members were not able to visit their parent(s) or grandparent(s).

With this in mind, UniSocial has visited nursing homes bringing joy, companionship, and a word of faith. Praying for the lives and souls of the elderly.

This part of the UniSocial Project aims to take care of the elderly in nursing homes, providing emotional, spiritual, and physical support through donations of hygiene items for everyday life. The goal is to share  the love that God has for them.

On Thursday, July 28, and Saturday, July 30, UniSocial in the Brooklyn, New York City visited 3 nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Bishop Joshua Fonseca and his wife Ima with UniSocial volunteers sang, danced, talked, and cheered up the elderly. There were games and a mini-spa for them. The gathering was fun, and will be a good memory that will be marked and will bring joy to them.

Residents of the Ditmas Park Nursing & Rehab received a word of faith, prayers, and encouragement. Volunteers also distributed baskets with hygiene products and books of faith.

“I am very happy to be part of the Universal Church nursing home project. God placed us in nursing homes ten years ago and we love it. It’s a form of evangelization, for the Salvation of their soul, in addition, the prayers and the good news of hope, faith, and forgiveness help them to know someone cares for them.” – Cheryl Kennedy

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