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Mothers in Prayer

mothers in prayer

Ther are many groups in The Universal Church that you can be a part of and that will help you grow as a person and in your faith. However, there is one in particular, that focuses mainly on the mothers.

The Mothers in Prayer group is for all mothers who want to learn how to grow as a parent and learn how to bring out the best in their children.

In this group, you will receive great tools that you can put action and prayer into practice.

Join the Mothers in prayer project and get involved in a group where mothers come together with a different situation but with 2 goals in common:

1) The unconditional love for their children
2) Deciding to join their faith on their behalf

Not only will you grow as a mother, but as a daughter and a woman as well. No one is perfect and many problems arise out of nowhere, but learning how to deal with them is key.

Learn how to know your kids better and restore your bond with them if needed.

Mothers in Prayer

*If you would like to take part of The Mothers in prayer project, feel free to contact us or visit The Universal Church nearest you for more information.