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“It Went From Generation to Generation”

Read the Story of Barbara Daniels

Like mother, like daughter. The story of Barbara Daniels.Barbara’s family moved from the South to New York, hoping for a better life. Still, as opposed to their lives improving, things only went downhill when her mom got involved with bad influences.

“When we moved to New York, my mom got involved with the wrong crowd of people. She started to use heavy drugs and would bring these types of people around my sisters and me; People who sold and used drugs. She began to use crack cocaine, which brushed off my sisters and me, and we began to use cocaine and marijuana. We also began to sell crack cocaine.”


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Just like the phrase “Like mother, like daughter,” the image of her mother reflected on the whole family. What she did, her children began imitating as well.

“As we got older, my sisters and I would just sit around and sniff cocaine. It was like there was a generational curse upon us. My mom was using drugs, her daughters were using, and when she had grandchildren, they also began using drugs. It went from generation to generation.”


The Image of God

When Barbara came to The Universal Church, she learned how to use her faith to change her situation. To have the image of God, she began practicing what she was learning. She also participated in the Campaign of Israel. Though it was not easy, today, her life is completely transformed from the inside out. She is now able to help others.

“I had to make an effort. I started off going on Sunday and began making my Chain of Prayers on Monday for finances, Wednesday for my soul, and Friday for deliverance. I also got baptized. When I started coming to the church, I only weighed 85 pounds. I have been clean for 11 months now, and since then, I have regained weight and can recognize my old self. I am able to smile. Internally, I feel a lot better, and I am happy. My family and household are more stable, and my children can see the change in me. I feel joy! My mom also came to the church and also have gotten baptized. I came a long way from where I was.”

– Barbara Daniels